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Featured Article:
August 1st, 2014

Home Furnaces: Considering All Your Options By Tyler Earp

Your home should be a place where you can be comfortable year round, even when the cold is biting outside. Home furnaces allow you to keep your home warm regardless of what the weather is like. You have many options to consider when it comes time to buy a new furnace. What type of fuel will you select? What size furnace do you need? What efficiency rate should your furnace run at? By thinking about these important questions before you make a purchase, you can make an educated choice.

Home furnaces are not all created equal. There are oil, gas, and electric furnaces available. A furnace that burns oil can be highly efficient. The price of the fuel, however, will go up and down over the winter season. This means that you could get stuck paying high prices for oil if the market shifts dramatically. The same can be said of gas furnaces. The price of fuel for electric furnaces is more stable; the rates power companies charge do not fluctuate as much. But furnaces run on electricity are much less efficient than their fuel burning counterparts.

Another important factor to consider is the efficiency rate of home furnaces. As mentioned, electric furnaces are not very efficient and thus are not used widely in areas where temperatures stay low for several months. Gas and oil burning furnaces, however, have been designed to be much more efficient than they once were. Ten to twenty years ago, the most efficient furnaces ran at 80% efficiency or lower. New models, however, run at least 90% efficient with some models available at 94%. The more efficient your furnace is, the lower your monthly heating fuel bill will be.

Not to be overlooked when shopping for a new furnace is how you will have it installed. You can use the Internet to find contractors in your area who are skilled with installing new home furnaces. Free services online can connect you with reliable contractors who can help you choose the right furnace for your home and get it installed properly.

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